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Our Team

X-Treme Co. Ltd.

Our Team

Angelique Attard photo

Angelique Attard

General Manager

Her passion, motivation, enthusiasm and experienced will keep on leading the team and the company to always reach their mission – that of building on dreams of individuals.

Miriana Aquilina photo

Miriana Aquilina

PA to the General Manager

Miriana is our newest addition who cannot wait to assist the General Manager on her day-to-day duties of the company.

Marcette Fabri photo

Marcette Fabri

Marketing Director

With her knowledge and experience in the marketing industry, Marcette manages all aspects related to the ideas and implementations of any launches and campaigns.

Cherise Portelli photo

Cherise Portelli

Brand Manager

With a lot of experience in the retail industry, nowadays, Cherise is leading one of the top prestige brands in the local market.

Jody Grima photo

Jody Grima

Brand Manager

Although she is the funniest person at the office, her main aim is to fully love and promote her brands to the fullest for better rankings and increase in sales.

Johanna Martinez photo

Johanna Martinez

Brand Manager

Passionate about digital marketing, content creation, fashion, and self-care. Her ambition to learn new skills and innovative things are the key to success.

Luca Gatt Doublet photo

Luca Gatt Doublet

Niche Brand Manager

With the niche sector growing rapidly, Luca is fully dedicated on niche brands. His aim is to actively search into how he can thrive and expand further this sector.

Sarah Falzon photo

Sarah Falzon

Brand Manager

With all her positive energy and enthusiasm, Sarah keeps on expanding her brands within different sectors on the island.

Priscilla Mangion photo

Priscilla Mangion

Sales Manager

From Sales Representative to Sales Manager, Priscilla’s aim is to present our brands around Malta and Gozo whilst meeting up and negotiating with new clients.

Graziella Mintoff photo

Graziella Mintoff

Office Administrator

Friendly and infinitely dedicated, Graziella always takes that extra half a mile to make sure that all orders are provided on time for all our customers.

Roberta Aquilina photo

Roberta Aquilina

Front Office

With her friendly attitude and experience in customer care, Roberta is always eager to welcome new customers will guiding our current customers during their journey with us.