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About Us

X-Treme Co. Ltd.

XTreme’s Co Ltd. has been trading in the beauty industry for more than one hundred years.

It all started as a small family business and has been handed down to five generations.  Whilst before, both retail and wholesale activities were trading under one company, X-Treme Co Ltd was formed in 1998 to operate as a fully independent organization. Since the beginning of 2002, it was governed by a board of directors and a professional management team.

X-Treme Co Ltd, nowadays employs around 20 people and has its base at 4, JMA Building, Industry Street, Qormi, a specifically built location which hosts offices, training rooms and warehouse. In fact, X-Treme have moved to these central premises in May 2005.

Angelique Attard has been officially appointed General Manager of X-Treme in March 2019 after nearly eight years working with the Abela Family. Together with her team, she ensures the smooth running of the company and actively participates in anything that gives a competitive edge to her organization over distributors.  Coming from a sales background herself, she puts all the necessary ingredients that she knows would motivate her staff and external clients.

X-Treme’s philosophy is to “Make the Customer the centre of its’ culture” which it achieves by building customer relationships not just products.

X-Treme’s main strategy will always be to ensure that all represented brands within its portfolio, are achieving the projected growth and gaining market share.

X-Treme Co Ltd is one of the biggest distribution companies in Malta when it comes to beauty, fragrances and cosmetics.

X-Treme Co Ltd has been trading in the beauty industry for a very long time and since then X-Treme has been leading distribution of the biggest luxury brands such as Dior, Guerlain, Sisley, Versace, Moschino, Missoni, Dsquared, Atkinsons, Trussardi and Laura Biagotti. Apart from all these brands, X-Treme have grown their portfolio with niche brands as well, such as Montale, Mancera, Amouage, Miller Harris, Floris, Molton Brown, Dr Vranjes and many more. All these brands have placed their trusts in X-Treme to grow them locally.

Whilst following market trends, we have noticed the huge demand for masstige brands and that is where X-Treme decided to expand its portfolio into the masstige world. Nowadays, X-Treme leads huge masstige brands such as Revolution Beauty, Pixi Cosmetics, Seventeen, Mon Reve, Nip + Fab and many more.

Our Mission

X Treme Co. Ltd. is built on dreams of individuals.

Our Mission is to instil our dream and entice those concerned into a fantastic world of luxury and well-being – a world with a positive and vibrant vision.

Keeping in mind that our foremost duty is to render optimum service in the wholesale business to customers, and motivate staff whilst facilitating the active growth of the company.

The Maltese Islands

Malta comprises an archipelago of five islands: the island of Malta is the largest, followed by Gozo, Comino, Cominotto and Filfla. The latter two are uninhabited islets. The Maltese Islands are situated in the Central Mediterranean Sea, 93 kilometres south of Sicily and 290 kilometres north of Libya.

The climate is a Mediterranean one characterised by hot, dry summers and cool winters with an annual average rainfall of nearly 476 millimetres. Temperatures are stable, the annual mean being 19°C and monthly averages ranging from 15°C to about 31°C in the summer months.

Malta gained independence from Britain on 21 September 1964 when it also joined the Commonwealth. The country became a Republic on 13 December 1974. Malta joined the European Union on 1st May 2004. Its form of government is one legislative house, il-Kamra tad-Deputati, elected by Universal Suffrage for a term of five years.

The Maltese economy progressed from one harnessed to the needs of the British colonial administration up to the mid-1960s, to a market-driven economy with an emphasis on higher value added economic activities in services, notably financial services and tourism. Challenges to the Islands’ economy are the relatively small domestic market and the disadvantages brought about by insularity. Major assets are a pleasant and attractive climate, and a qualified, skilled and hard-working labour force.

For such a relatively small population and land area, Malta and Gozo teem with cultural events. Carnival dates back to at least the middle of the 15th Century and combines Maltese time-honoured traditions with contemporary dance and popular culture. Valletta, Malta’s capital city, has been named European Capital of Culture for 2018.


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